About Us


Our Story

We grew up in a small South Georgia town where nothing was processed and everything was made at home. Believe it or not, we always wanted the processed stuff but couldn't have it except on Saturdays!  :)  Our mother (Sook) woke up early everyday and prepared a full breakfast, which included biscuits made from scratch, for all of her twelve children.  We always wondered, "How did she do that and make it look so easy?" Now we know it was her love for her family.  Sunday dinner was a big thing at our house and we all helped prepare the food.  Our kitchen was always  the center of the home where everyone gathered and mingled.  Our mother's  loving passion for cooking  was instilled in her children. Two sisters, Mary (Sistah) and Catherine (Cat) are our primary resources for culinary skills and recipes handed down from generations and they have worked in the food industry for decades.  We want to share that love of delicious food made with fresh ingredients with the world by bringing what we have come to enjoy so dearly to everyone who wants to partake of it.  We are bringing Georgia grown vegetables from Perry Farms and local farmers' markets, along with fresh herbs and spices to bring extra flavor to you for a Soulful Taste of the South!


Seasonal and Local

We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets.